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Senior Home Care in Monterey, Carmel
Caregivers in Monterey, Carmel Elderly Home Care
Elder Care in Monterey, Carmel  Home Care Assistance

Halo Specialized Home Care offers a vast (and continuously expanding) array of services to help our clients live safely and more independently at home.  Here are some ways that we can help you and your family.  ​Please feel free to use this as a checklist to help us understand how we can serve you.

Our Services


  • Provide clients with administrative assistance, such as writing letters, placing phone calls, filing receipts, and sending thank you and special occasion cards

Activities of Daily Living

  • Provide help with ambulation, bathing, toileting, grooming, dressing, and eating
  • Assist with moving in and out of bed, baths, wheelchairs, or automobiles


  • Direct clients in simple exercise; walking, stretching, and prescribed physical therapies
  • Provide active and passive range-of-motion exercises
  • Create and implement geriatric fitness routines


  • Accompany clients to doctors appointments
  • Communicate issues and concerns with family and provide appropriate referrals

Alzheimer's & Dementia Care

  • Provide encouragement and direction for activities of daily living
  • Develop and engage clients in daily routines 
  • Maintain functional independence
  • Assist with activities, while encouraging independence 
  • Create safe home environment

Catheter Care

  • Provide urinary catheter care and maintenance


  • Accompany clients for walks, errands, shopping, and visits with family and friends
  • Engage with client in enjoyable activities
  • Listen, encourage, and share

Senior Home Care

  • Elderly home care assistance for active and home bound individuals

Emotional Support

    • Provide emotional support to clients and families in both healing and hospice environments
    • Provide encouragement and support for clients adapting to disability, illness, or lifestyle changes 


    • Perform a variety of duties as requested by client, such as obtaining household supplies, grocery shopping, and picking up prescriptions

    Family Communication

    • Regularly review, evaluate, and update care plan with family
    • Inform family of any significant changes affecting their loved one
    • Provide family with emotional support, ongoing updates, and professional referrals

    Hospice Care

    • Provide support through comfort management, medication assistance, emotional support, and family communication

    Household Hygiene

    • Maintain allergen-free environment
    • Ensure sanitary food preparation surfaces
    • Properly dispose of waste
    • Eliminate expired food products


    • Assist with bathing, grooming, and toileting
    • Maintain appropriate personal hygiene

    Light Housekeeping

    • Change bed linens, do laundry, wash dishes, and maintain a clean environment

    Meal Planning, Preparation, and Assistance

    • Assist with planning and preparing meals
    • Assist client with eating as needed
    • Ensure proper hydration

    Medical Monitoring

    • Monitor and report all symptoms that may require medical attention, such as changes in vital signs, skin integrity, intake and output, appetite, weight, hearing, eyesight, sensation, level of consciousness, or behavior
    • Monitor and record blood pressure, pulse, and temperature


    • Remind and assist clients with taking prescribed medications
    • Assist with opening bottles and dispensers
    • Ensure that medications are administered as prescribed; at the right time, with or without food, whole or crushed
    • Recognize medication side effects and report concerns immediately to nurse manager or physician
    • Communicate with physicians to ensure that medications are appropriate and effective

    Mental Stimulation

    • Promote mental activity and stimulation by engaging client in hobbies, conversation, reading or being read to, and planned mental activities 
    • Use a variety of 'brain games' to promote and improve mental function


    • Plan and prepare nutritious meals according to prescribed or recommended diet
    • Ensure adequate hydration
    • Assist client with eating and drinking as needed
    • Review dietary restrictions, food allergies, and preferences to ensure patient receives appropriate diet

    Personal Care

    • Assist with bathing, grooming, dressing, and toileting
    • Promote excellent personal hygiene

    Record Keeping

    • Maintain records of patient care, condition, progress, and services performed
    • Participate in case reviews with care team to evaluate and revise care plans
    • Document observations of patient behavior, complaints, or physical symptoms
    • Review documentation with case manager and with care providers at change of shift 


    • Assist with prescribed exercises and physical therapies
    • Provide encouragement and support 
    • Ensure safety while promoting functional independence

    Respite Care

    • Provide relief for family members by taking over the care of their loved one for a period of time

    Pet Care 

    • Assist with feeding pets, filling water dishes, and providing exercise
    • Encourage pet participation in daily activities as appropriate

    Plant Care

    • Water interior and exterior plants, turn sprinklers on and off, light gardening with client as requested

    Post-Hospital Care

    • Fill and organize newly prescribed medications
    • Provide wound care and prescribed treatments following hospitalization
    • Schedule and provide transportation to follow-up appointments 
    • Organize discharge summaries and reinforce patient education


    • Provide family with appropriate referrals to community resources


    • Ensure home safety by keeping pathways clear, removing tripping hazards, and staying organized
    • Continuously assess home for safety and provide solutions as necessary


    • Manage daily schedules, maintain calendar, coordinate appointments, therapies, activities, and sleep/rest


    • Assist with grocery shopping, picking up prescriptions, gift shopping, and other requests

    Skin Care

    • Thoroughly inspect skin, applying lotions and moisture barrier creams to prevent break down
    • Monitor skin for changes such as redness, irritation, or wounds
    • Assist with turning, repositioning, and transferring
    • Document and report changes in skin integrity


    • Provide protective oversight
    • Monitor healthy activity choices
    • Prevent falls
    • Ensure proper nutrition, hydration, and sleep/rest


    • Transport and accompany clients to locations outside the home, such as doctor's appointments, errands, movies, and church

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