Safety is Priority #1 in all of Halo's Aspects of Care.  We require strict adherence from our staff to Halo's safety standards, including continuous home safety monitoring, double-check policy on medications, required reporting of changes in clients' physical or mental status, diligent skin examinations, fall prevention program, and disinfection practices. 


According to the National Institutes for Health, physical activity can prevent or delay many diseases and disabilities, as well as improve coordination, balance, and mood.  Regular mental activity keeps the mind sharp and can stop or slow down cognitive decline.  We incorporate both physical and mental activity into our clients' daily care.


Proper hygiene is the single most important factor in the prevention of infection.  This includes personal hygiene as well as environmental hygiene.  We commit to upholding the highest standards in assisting our clients with personal care and maintaining a sanitary household environment. 

Emotional & Spiritual

Emotional well-being has been shown to be predictive of survival and functional independence among older adults.  Research confirms that emotional and spiritual needs are inextricable from physical needs in creating positive health outcomes.  We work with our clients and families to ensure that these needs are met and nurtured.

Our Care Model

Halo's proprietary, evidence-based Care Model guides our practice and ensures that our clients receive holistic care designed to optimize outcomes.  Our most important quality indicator is Quality of Life, which is comprised of six inter-related Aspects of Care.


Family support and connection is vital to the overall success of our clients.  We value family participation and encourage open communication in order to continuously improve our services.  Halo's family-centered approach helps reduce the burden of care so that you can focus on quality time together.


Nutrition plays a crucial role in enhancing cognitive function, balancing blood sugar, preventing disease, and providing energy. 

It is also closely tied with mood.  We conduct a thorough nutritional needs analysis with each client and provide the appropriate level of support to attain optimal health.

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